What is Survey Expert?

Survey Expert utilizes blockchain technology to create a revolutionary new online survey platform which allows businesses to connect with their potential customers instantly. We develop sophisticated online survey tools, including augmented reality and real-time surveys to maximize the interaction between market researchers and the participants from all around the world.

Participant - Earn Money

Researcher - Conduct a Survey

I think Survey Expert can really change the way of market research for new products.

Joe Wolin
Founder of EEWeb and Aspen Labs

Open BETA Coming Soon!

Available on September 10th

After months of dedicated work, we are proud to launch our Open BETA version!

Survey Expert Open Beta includes participant and researcher registration, 5 different question types, audience targeting with 900+ filters and survey analytics / reports.

Your Ultimate Blockchain Tool for Market Research

At Survey Expert we design and build beautiful tools on blockchain for you to analyze your market. Digital Surveying made easy!

Conduct a Survey on Survey Expert Blockchain Survey Platform

Conduct a Survey

Sign up and create your very first survey. Add the necessary questions depending on your need. From multiple choice to open ended!

Target Your Audience with 1000 filters.

Target Your Audience

Choose more than 1000 filters in our system to specifically target your audience.

Analyze Your Results

Analyze Your Results

Use Survey Expert’s dashboard to visually analyze your results or download raw data in csv or excel format.

Patent-Pending Advanced Encryption & Secure Matching Algorithm

Survey Expert collaborates with academicians and cybersecurity experts to advance new techniques of securely storing user privacy. We are currently implementing a Group-Based Advanced Cryptographic Matching Algorithm to ensure data security. Current academic paper of this technology is one of the first in the world and now published by the International Association for Cryptologic Research. Due to Trade Secrets, we are not allowed to share this technology entirely for now, but we can share a small hint regarding how it works.

Ultra Secure

Participant will no longer have to worry about another Cambridge Analytica crysis. Their information is encrypted once they sign-up and will never be decrypted again! Matching algorithm works with encrypted profile information. This is the beauty!


Want to take a look at our Whitepaper?

From Start-Up to Scale-Up!

Survey Expert needs your help to scale it’s operation worldwide and become a global player. Join our Initial Coin Offering Now!

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  1. 1
    Private Sale - Current Stage

    To participate in Private Sale round please contact investor@survey.expert.

  2. 2
    Presale / Pre - ICO (OCT 15th - NOV 15th)

    Expected Fund Raise: $2.5M

    Available Number of Tokens: 41,666,666 SVY

    Initial Token Price: $0.06

  3. 3
    Main ICO (DEC 1st - DEC 31st)

    Expected Fund Raise: $22.5M

    Available Number of Tokens: 250,000,000 SVY

    Initial Token Price: $0.09

Token Distribution

Survey Expert plans to raise enough cash for securing 2 years of operation, scaling and R&D. An overview of token utilization is described below.

SVY Token Circulation

Survey Expert has a well designed token circulation to keep market capitalization high and balanced. We also work hard on developing financial algorithms to make SVY token strong against volatility and speculations.

Researcher / Customer

Researcher buys/acquires SVY Tokens from available exchanges in order to conduct a survey. This action results in a shift to the right on the demand curve and increases the token price.


Participants receive SVY tokens by answering surveys. These tokens are the previously purchased tokens by the researcher on the exchange.


Participants, now want to cash out and sell his/her tokens on available exchanges. This action results in a shift to the right on the supply curve and decreases the token price.


Don’t Miss Survey Expert ICO

We are proud of team, our product, our solutions and our business plan. Join Survey Expert (SVY Token) whitelist to secure your place!