Last Update: 20 October 2019

Privacy Policy

The parties undertake to keep all information confidential from third parties. This obligation of the parties shall continue for five years from the expiration of this Agreement. The parties undertake to return or destroy the documents provided to them upon request upon the expiry of the Convention without delay, except for the documents required by law. Besides, the parties shall ensure that the employees and their affiliates associated with the subject matter of this Agreement comply with the confidentiality obligation and mutual confidentiality clause under this Agreement. Otherwise, the parties agree to be jointly and severally liable together with their employees/affiliates who violate this provision of mutual confidentiality.

The confidentiality obligation and the requirement of the use of confidential information do not cover the following details:

  • Information that the party acquiring the information proves to know the relevant information before the other party's disclosure
  • Information provided to third parties by the third party without infringing the rights of the other party,
  • Information falling into the public sphere without any interference from the party acquiring the information,
  • Information that the party acquiring the information is obliged to disclose by the authorized law.
  • Information made available to the public under Securities Law rules and product information required or recommended.

The exchange of information between the parties under this Agreement is limited to the information necessary for the implementation of this Agreement. The parties should not exchange competitively sensitive information such as price and marketing policies, profit margin, or utilization capacity.