Weaknesses of Centralized Structures

  • Participant privacy cannot be ensured.
  • Survey result privacy and security cannot be ensured.
  • Hidden and mutable data.
  • Non-Efficient payment system.

Power of Blockchain and Decentralization

  • Participant privacy ensured.
  • Survey result security and privacy ensured.
  • Transparent and immutable data.
  • Efficient payment system with cryptocurrency.

More to Discover

We are excited to tell you how blockchain technology empowers Survey Expert!

Secure Participant Privacy

A centralized application owner can easily share, distribute or even sell your private information to third parties without your notification. In fact, they can make millions of dollars by using your data! With blockchain technology, we can change this! There is no way of sharing, distributing, and selling of private information in the blockchain. If somebody wants to reach you, they will have to pay directly to you!

User privacy is now safe and secure with the help of blockchain technology.

Survey Results are Secure & Private

Did you know that some of the market research and surveying companies are actually selling the results of a survey you conducted? Yes, even though you have an NDA. By utilizing blockchain technology, it is possible to make survey results available only to the researcher that paid for it. This means, even Survey Expert admins cannot view your results!

Survey results are now safe and secure with the help of blockchain technology.

Transparent and Immutable Data

Maybe you want to conduct a survey that should be public and transparent. Now, you can set blockchain configuration in order to make your survey results partially or fully public. Blockchain guarantees that they can never be altered!

Survey Expert blockchain technology offers immutable and transparent data.

Efficient Payment System

Conventional digital survey and market research companies are famous with minimum cash-out limits and gift card options. They don’t even pay sometimes! With the innovation Survey Expert brings, there are no more minimum cash-out limits or gift card options! Using Survey Expert (SVY) Token, you can withdraw and cash out any time you want.

Survey Expert brings Efficient Payment System with SVY Token.