General Questions

What is SVY token?

SVY token is an ethereum based cryptocurrency used in Survey Expert platform. It is the primary source of transactions used between customers and participants.

Why should I invest in SVY token?
  1. Unlike most of the blockchain startups, Survey Expert has a well designed financial system. We have established a creative and well balanced supply & demand curve to make SVY token valuable in cryptocurrency exchanges.

  2. Survey Expert adopts a constant supply currency policy and current business plan foresees a 30% sale of token supply to early investors. After this stage, we will slowly reduce our stocks from 70% to 50% by selling them to our customers(Corporates which tend to make surveys). At this point, token sale by Survey Expert will end and returning customers will be forced to acquire new tokens from various cryptocurrency exchanges. At this point, we expect an exponential rise on the price due to increased demand in the market. This is going to be the first exit chance for early investors. Once supply curve shifts and prices stabilize, Survey Expert will start reducing 50% stock again in an aggressive manner. This is going to be a repeating action until all of our stocks are gone. At the time when this goal is reached, we assume a good number of returning customers which will be redirected to cryptocurrency exchanges and price of the SVY token will be solely dependent on free market / supply & demand policy.

What is Expected Exit Time for my investment which is mentioned above?

We are working really hard to follow up with our business plan. According to our estimation first exit opportunity for early investors will be the first quadrant of 2019.

How can I invest in SVY token?

Current way of investing in SVY token is joining in our token pre-sale.