General Questions

What makes Survey Expert so special? Why should we conduct a survey with you?

Survey Expert’s unique business model and income model make it motivating for the participants we have in our database. Our cryptocurrency based payment system makes our system literally borderless and enables you to interact with participants on the other side of the World.

How do we target our audience?

Survey Expert requires fundamental information like gender, age, education, marital status and location when participants sign up. There are more than 1000 different attributes which can be filled. Our bonus system makes is motivating for participants to fill as much as info as they can.

How does the price calculation work?

We have a quite complex price calculation algorithm; however, it actually depends on one fundamental idea. You will realize that more filters you add to your survey, price do increase slightly. This is because, if Survey Expert was to be an offline surveying company, operational costs would go higher since your target audience would get harder and harder to find on street. That means, narrower your audience is, higher the price will be.

What happens if our survey does not get answered?

Let’s assume you submitted a survey with 500 participants and we managed to find only 300 answers. Well, we do accept our failure in here and will extend the Survey duration until enough answers are provided. However, if you wish, we can make a full refund of the remaining unanswered participants. (e.g refund for 200 answers for this example)