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About Us

Survey Expert was founded in late 2017 with a mission to create compelling and disruptive tools in market research industry by focusing on online surveying systems. We combine modern designs with clean, functional and high-performance software to produce stunning products. Survey Expert’s unique bussiness&income model with the combination of blockchain technology makes it one of the most promising startups of 2018!

Our Mission

We’re a team of creative, experienced and highly skilled developers and designers. Our mission is to design the ultimate product for online surveying and change the destiny of online market research once and for all.

From The Founder

It is challenging to touch people's lives, interact with them and tell them a story, make them see what you are seeing and believe what you believe.

Sometimes I encounter this question "What makes you more special than your competitors?" I will be straightforward with you; it is not that easy to answer this question in one sentence. But you can think of it like puzzle pieces. Survey Expert is a puzzle for you and you are trying to understand why it's so beautiful and promising. However, you really cannot perceive what this puzzle looks like just by staring at the pieces. You must bring them together one by one.

Let me give you an example, imagine yourself asking this question to Steve Jobs in 1983. "Hey Steve, why are you trying to build new computers, IBM is already doing that for years?". Can you imagine what his answer would be? New Fonts? Unique Design? Better Performance? No. It is the harmony between all those small and individual pieces, tailored with care and brought together one by one.

Back to your question, at Survey Expert our puzzle pieces are our business & income model, execution strategy, product highlights and of course our team. If you want to discover one of these pieces, you can take a glimpse at our lovely and unique team now.


Meet with Our Core Team

Young & Wild & Free

Onurhan Öztürk | Founder | Survey Expert
Onurhan Öztürk
Founder American Robert College Electrical&Electronics Engineer
Altynbek Isabekov | Senior System Architect | Survey Expert
PhD. Altynbek Isabekov
Senior System Architect Koc University Machine Learning & Signal Processing
Rızwan Sadiq | Survey Expert
PhD. Rızwan Sadiq
Machine Learning Koc University Deep Neural Networks
İlyas Kaan Çakıroğlu | Senior Software Architect | Survey Expert
İlyas Kaan Çakıroğlu
Senior Software Architect Namik Kemal University Computer Engineer
Aydin Mammadli | Chief Marketing Officer - CMO | Survey Expert
Aydın Mammadli
Chief Marketing Officer - CMO Aydin University Psychology
Zeynep Yeniçeri | Digital Content Creator | Survey Expert
Zeynep Yeniçeri
Digital Content Creator Università Bocconi International Economics & Management
Gulmira Dangilova | Marketing Specialist | Survey Expert
Gulmira Dangilova
Marketing Specialist Eurasian National University

Our Advisors

Joe Wolin | Marketing Advisor | Survey Expert
Joe Wolin
Founder of EEWeb, Aspen Labs, RedFox Studios Marketing Advisor
Canan Yavalar | Financial Advisor | Survey Expert
Canan Yavalar
World Bank Formet Senior Advisor to Director Financial Advisor
Engin Erzin | Speech Processing & Machine Learning | Survey Expert
Assoc. Prof. Engin Erzin
University of California Speech Processing & Machine Learning
Coming Soon
Coming Soon Product and Survey Advisor

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