General Questions

Do you need my personal info?

No, we do not need any personal info like your name,surname or passport number since we want to keep your identity anonymous.

How can I qualify for a survey?

We provide a database full of participants like you to our customers. When our customers start a survey that specifically targets you, you will receive an email notification to participate. Ofcourse, all of this depends on the information you provide to our system. More info you provide, higher the chances you will get a survey.

How do I get paid?

Once you complete a survey successfully, we will transfer your payment directly to your SVY wallet on our system.

How do I cash out?

Unfortunately, current infrastructure of Survey Expert does not provide a cash out mechanism. However, once our token becomes available on an Exchange, you can freely convert SVY to Bitcoin to fiat currency.

I received a survey notification, how do I fill it?

You can click on the link provided in the email and your browser will take you to survey. All you need is a browser!

Do you have a mobile app?

Unfortunately Survey Expert does not have a mobile app for now. But we are working hard to make it available as soon as possible. It is definitely on our road-map!

How often will I receive a survey?

It is really hard to make a comment on this question since it is highly dependent on the information you provided about yourself. But most of our customers do receive a survey once a week.

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